What is Specialty Coffee?

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You hear the term third wave coffee or specialty coffee, but wonder what does that mean or how do you know you might be drinking it?

Specialty coffee is a term used to express the supreme and guaranteed quality of coffee beans from the production of seed to the delicious sip of coffee goodness to your cup. This term is used by the SCAA “Specialty Coffee Association of America” in order to define the highest quality of these amazingly produced beans. These green coffee beans are grown under special microclimates and in the best supervision of farmers who dedicate their life in refining and cultivating the world’s highest quality of coffee beans from seedling to a fully ripe plant. They are cultivated and harvested at the right time of the year, in good soil, and with a lot of care. The beans are selectively picked by hand. Most of the specialty coffee comes from the top 10% of Arabica seeds.

The SCA sets the quality standard in which coffee is graded. A cup that scores above 80 is termed as specialty coffee. This coffee has proper standards at every stage from production, temperature, water standard, roasting, grinding, and even brew strength.  We get this coffee with almost zero defects. A maximum of 5 defects for every 350gms of milled coffee beans are to be considered a specialty coffee.

The Process


Once the beans are ripe, they’re carefully handpicked, dried, and sorted into size and weights. Bad quality or damaged beans are removed which are found in cheap quality blends. Even one damaged bean can ruin your cup of coffee by turning it into an awful bitter taste. After the sorting and storing process is done the coffee beans are shipped for roasting. The quality of beans is approved by a cupper (Q grader) before roasting.

Coffee roasting is a beautiful art that requires special knowledge, skills, and training to roast the specialty bean. A considerable amount of time is spent by the roasters to understand the coffee and create roast profiles. Beans are usually roasted to a standard temperature from slightly above 400f to dark roasts that can be above 450f. Beans are closely monitored until they reached a doneness that compliments the characteristics of the bean. The roasting process brings a beautiful progression in the beans and the color starts changing from green to brown, developing the aroma and flavor profile of coffee beans. After the roasting process, the beans are immediately moved to cooling stations. 

Coffee Tryer

These are high quality beans which are ready for grinding and brewing and serve your cravings with delicious taste and health. Specialty coffee meets the highest standard of coffee because it is handled with great care and proper knowledge of cultivation, production, preparation, roasting, and brewing. It’s not just a cup of coffee; it’s a beverage full of life and values that deliver satisfaction in every respect that counts.

Here at Kahawa Roasting Company we are proud to be roasting, the world’s highest standard of specialty coffee beans. Bringing the highest standard of the specialty of coffee in terms of taste and flavor is only possible because of you. True coffee lovers do not compromise on quality, standard, and values in their coffee cup by staying well informed and choosing the best option. 

Ultimately specialty coffee is an experience, a journey of love and passion, and achieving excellence in every aspect.

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